House Price Inflation Projections 2019

Published on 18th February 2019

There is little variance in national annual house price inflation forecasts from different agencies at this early stage in this difficult unpredictable year ahead . Lets see how accurate they are at end of 2019!

As ever ‘UK house price inflation’ is a real generalisation and hides many local variations and local markets.

Edinburgh &  Manchester house price growth has shown no similarity to London price growth in the last year obviously with price drops in Central London  and the South East . Doom mongerers will say that whatever happens down south will creep north. They may be right.

Gloomiest is from Hamptons /Countrywide – minus 0.5%

Halifax  –    up 2-4%

Office for Budget Responsibility –  up 3.1%

Rightmove , Savills, PwC, Capital Economics , JLL, Hometrack  are all in between these figures.

All these predictions do is give an overall picture. Why do we seem to be gloomy when house prices don’t move ? Some might say that these are good figures as it gives those looking to get on the housing ladder some breathing space.

However with Brexit … or no Brexit effect coming through then these figs will way off the mark in different locations , niches and local hotspots around the country even within cities again highlighting the misleading nature and confusion that national house price inflation figures  can cause.

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